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Blame the Beauty

Blame the Beauty - A Rosalie Hale Community
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b l a m e t h e b e a u t y
Welcome to blamethebeauty, a community for the appreciation of Rosalie Hale. Our name comes from the chapter in Eclipse where Rosalie explains her background story to Bella. She says "I started to blame the beauty" and we felt it was a fitting title that suits Rosalie perfectly.

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blamethebeauty is maintained by anythingbutgrey and miss_mishi. If you have any questions or would like to be affiliated with us, feel free to comment here. There is also where you will find the rules. If you are a new member we appreciate you reading those rules and following them.

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disclaimer: Rosalie Hale is a character in the Twilight series. She was created by Stephenie Meyer. We have no claim to her or any other characters mentioned from that series.

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